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Google is helping travelers across 150 countries on Google web and Google Maps browsing hotels on mobile devices and spot hot hotel deals just in minutes. It was started in 2010 when Google first displayed the hotel’s information in a more useful way with sponsored hotel prices in Google Maps and now it has come with Google Hotel Ads. Travelers in the world still prefer search engines majority of the time while searching for a good hotel deal. But as the competition has grown much copious, it becomes harder to get ranked better organically.

You may also have surfed the search engine at least once to find or book a hotel while traveling across long-distance destinations or across your country. So, you may have seen the previous look of hotel ads on Google.

The previous basic search network ads are not so compelling. So, Google comes with a totally amazing solution for the advertisers by introducing a new campaign type for hotels.

In the second week of July 2018, Google announced a cover-up of Google Hotel Ads in the Google Ads platform formerly Adwords. That’s why you are seeing a new Hotel Center in the Google Ads interface. This is meant for managing hotel price feeds named Hotel Campaigns.

The new feature is equally available to you, no matters if you are servicing an individual hotel property or an online travel agent. Hence it is believed to simplify campaign management and optimization just for you because it brings a complete package of hotel campaign features through a single program.

Conversion Perk Conversion Perk

This is how Google itself specify its benefits:

  • Hotel groups to organize hotels by important attributes like brand and class
  • Robust bidding controls that allow marketers to optimize for bidding dimensions unique to hotels like a traveler’s length of stay or check-in day and audience bidding
  • Smart bidding powered by machine learning to maximize bookings at your ROI goal
  • Rich reporting and familiar responsive interface available with the newly redesigned Google Ads

Now come to the question of what exactly Hotel Campaigns on Google Ads are?

The ad process begins by searching hotels and then clicking on the search network listing of hotels. At first, it is hard to tell which of these results are ads because there is no green or blue ad button. The blue or green ad button indicates that the search result is actually a paid Google ad.

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Thus it depicts that the above hotel search results are all organic.

Generally, you have to click on a particular hotel name or a hotel that sounds attractive to you and this will pull up a hotel detail card. (Refer to the image below.)

The organic card listing provides those details to inform you of the price, reviews, some features and discounts so you can easily decide whether it would be a good deal or not. The results can further be sorted and filtered by specific areas, amenities, ratings and hotel class.

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Now here we come where you have to notice the change. Scroll down and see the green Ad button prefixed with Check Availability.

Those are hotel ads. Here you can find some vital options to book instantly, view rooms or check availability and according to Google studies, they work well.

Why prefer Hotel Ads and Not General Search Network Ads?

Search network ads are really a quick and easy route when we talk about the pay-per-click advertisement for our brand or website.


Yes, because it hardly takes 10 minutes to register and display the simple and basic text ad on the search network. No one prefers to go with a complex structure of campaigns, to do tons of work, management, and optimization that is really a tedious job.

But, is it effortless to produce good results in a shorter way?

When we have to choose PPC over other marketing mediums, basic search network ads are just fine but aren’t you here to generate more of the booking for hotel and produce the higher ROI on the investment done with online advertisements.

To do that, you need to showcase your hotel in a much-elaborated way.

Simply search engine ads are a brief display of text that is not enough to convince a buyer because there is not much to communicate and grab the sale.

Search engine networks play a good job in generating organic traffic until we don’t directly need a deal to be done. But hotels are supposed to be visited not only on search engines but also practically!

Don’t you think Google Hotel ads work as an open window to peek into the inner provision of listed hotels with pictures, reviews, location, and proximity to tourist sites? Do the comparison yourself and decide.

This covers inside and outside pictures of the hotel

  • Exact map location in the city
  • Reviews of the hotel in star format
  • Address and phone number
  • Current discounts
  • Availability check
  • Hotel information including benefits, features and a rich description in detail

Of course, these can’t be covered in simple text ad of three or four lines. That’s why Google Hotel Ads are here!

“It’s a time to leave your mark and land the sale with Google Hotel Ads.”

With 50 campaigns in one go and up to 2000 ad group in a single campaign give tons of room to experiment with your strategies. Bidding and budget, ad groups, geo-location targeting, device targeting, call out extensions, hotel characteristics options are limitless.

How to begin with Google Hotel Ads?

Just like the regular AdWords, hotel ads are easy to start with. Sign up as same or you automatically get a Hotel Ad Centre Account if you’re already into Hotel Ads. The platform itself shows everything you need to be familiar with Hotel Ads Centre from metrics to bidding and settings.

Conversion Perk Conversion Perk

First, come to the home section which displays the key opportunities and auction performance updates even with a suggestion or you can say new opportunity that you can grab.

Conversion Perk Conversion Perk

The tools section in the dashboard displays data feed any potential errors. It is vital to watch the error or the points that need fixing when you have created the data fields manually. Edit your bids based on groups or tweak individual hotels in bulk right from your dashboard.

Conversion Perk Conversion Perk

The interface allows the third-party partners (if they exist) to have their own system of tweaking your bids so that you do not need to minister at all, they can do the account management for you.

Generating more leads and improving conversions with Google Hotel Ads:

Two approaches are there to perfectly establish you hotel ads that will impulsively improve the click-through rate resulting in better ROI.

First thing first…

Refer to the images here. This is how a hotel detail card looks like. Now scroll below till the end of the image. You see “Hotel details” section. This includes features, benefits and a description, as well as your address, photos, and map location. All the information is added or edited by Google My Business account.

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Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can simply set up and complete it with all your hotel details. Use the best images ensuring copyrights. This can help you to drag the attention of viewers.

Another is…

Getting Google reviews, yes, only Google reviews can help you to generate more trust among the newcomers. And only choose genuine testimonials. Ask your existing customers to write a review for you on your Google My Business Page. You can offer them a fairing in return.

Last but not least, always keep your Google My Business page up to date with current deals, information, and promotions.

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