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Microsoft’s Bing Ads can attract more visitors, ecommerce sales and leads for your business. Bing Advertisement’s network of millions brings conversions instantly for you. Bing network interacts with your business services and broadens your brand name, since your range spreads to millions of exclusive searches. Bing Advertisements provides PPC on both Bing and Yahoo search engines. Bing claims to reach half of the US population with about 150 million unique visitors and over 5 billion searches in a month. Bing claims further to have customers in outlaying expenditure 34% more than normal internet searcher. This vast reach which Bing provides, no business owner should miss. Now with such claims, Bing is supposedly an amazing advertising platform, which should not be considered otherwise.

Our Bing Ads Experts work on both existing and new ad campaign depending on clients business demands. If you already have an Adwords campaign and you just want to run similar campaign on Bing then we will import that campaign on Bing and make all necessary changes. If you don’t have any Adwords campaign then we will create fresh campaign for you. We have well equipped reporting systems which keeps our clients updated about the progress of their ad campaigns

Our Commitment for Bing Ads Campaign

At Conversion Peak, we commit that only Bing Ads Accredited professionals will setup, monitor and optimize your ads campaigns (No exception). They possess immense experience and knowledge of the field. They create unique strategy structure for every ad campaign depending on the nature of business needs.

  • Form campaign ads specific to your product or your customers: Our Bing Experts will help you create new advertisement for your business services. They will discuss the marketing strategy with you and take your inputs to make the campaign more profitable (because you are the master in your field). We setup the campaign based on our discussion.
  • Tailor your ads to bring more customers’ attention: After your ad campaign reaches top-charts, you certainly need modifications; because you do not want your audience lose interest due to similar content display again and again. So, when your ad campaign needs update or modification after particular period of time, our Bing Ads experts are there to help you at all times.
  • Keep record of the potential customer, searching on any device: The statistics are always maintained by Conversion Peak. We keep a track record of all possible customers that clicked or take any action on your website. It is helpful for our clients to target missed customers with the help of re-targeting campaigns. It also helps us suggest new ideas to convert sales through campaign modifications.
  • Research on customer’s click areas: In order to understand which part of your website is popular among masses, our Bing Ads Experts team, also keep analytics about the areas of the webpage or the pages of your website customers are reviewing often. This gives you an idea of the product or content customers are liking more, or which part of content is getting unnoticed.
  • Bring more leads by paying more attention to local customer: These ad campaigns bring awareness, into the audience, about your business solutions. We track record of such potential audiences, and form many campaign strategies to draw more attention from them. Audiences might not be the direct profit givers at the given moment but, might tell potential customers about your ad campaign.
  • Attention to Demographics: Once we have enough data, we assess the clicks generated by different sections such as age, group, job type, etc., and then we set our demographics based from the available data. Our Bing Ads Experts use audience demographic statistics to create campaign targeting those specific audiences. Thus it helps in generating more sales profit from that specific demography.


As we follow a complete crystal-clear relationship with our customers, we develop all reports with analytics and statics to show our clients the successful growth of their ad campaigns.

Each week Conversion Perk develops report to show your Bing project’s success. We report on keyword efficiency, clicks, impressions, and conversions. After you examine the report, we provide a one-hour call to talk about the project, consisting of new instructions, and will address any questions you may have.

These reports make our client understand the areas of the product, client needs to access and modify their own products. We too take full advantage of these analytics to modify our approach to target audiences, from all walks of internet.

Campaign Management Cost

Every project is different, so it’s difficult to price quote a one-size-fits-all rate. The service cost will differ depending upon your keyword volume. However, we can assure you that indirectly you will get our handling cost back because your average cost per conversion will go down at least by 30% to 40% for sure.  Conversion Perk will deliver eager understandings into the interactions in between your customers and advertisements. Conserving your cash and returning the very best efficiency through among the very best advertisement networks.

Bing Ads Campaign Types

  • Search & Content Campaign
  • Product Ad Campaign
  • Shopping Campaign

We ensure a proper ad campaigning management to all our clients. We provide varied Bing Ads Campaigns such as Search and Content Campaign which deals in putting advertisements over those WebPages which pop out during search engine queries, Product Ad Campaign, which is about product advertisement of a certain business part and Shopping Campaign, which is about advertising our retail and ecommerce clients on local and global platform.

Our efficient Bing Ads Experts team work on each aspect of marketing structure for making your Ad Campaign sore high. Since we value our client’s money, Conversion Peak guarantees unquestionable return on investment.

Bing Ads platform is no less profitable than other advertisement platforms, and on the path of being a successful business owner, you must not miss this opportunity. Interested in getting started with Bing Ads Campaign? Just fill the form to contact Conversion Perk today!

Bing Campaign Analysis

We would love to audit your existing Bing Ads Campaign. Just fill the form & provide more details about your campaign below:

Get Free Bing Campaign Analysis Report

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Already running a Bing Ads Campaign but not getting desired result? Contact us today and ask for “No Objection Free Audit Report”. We will analyze your campaign & suggest you the improvements. We keep all statistic confidential. Just provide us your basic details by filling the form and we will catch you within few hours.

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