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    Why To Hire Conversion Perk for Bing PPC?

    Undoubtedly, Google is on the top of the search engines list. But did you know that investing in Bing Ads is one of the best ways to generate leads and traffic for your venture from searchers who do not use Google? Very few individuals use Bing Ads to promote their products or services. That’s why the money you have to spend to reach your target audience is comparatively less than other PPC Ads Campaigns.

    Bing Advertisements provides PPC on both Bing and Yahoo search engines. According to the research, it has been found that nearly half of the searches are performed on Bing. Moreover, Bing controls 36% of the US desktop search market.

    We at Conversion Perk know this fact very well, and that’s why we are here to make your Bing Ads Campaign more productive. Our Bing Ads Experts work on both existing and new Ad campaigns depending on the client’s business demands. If you already have A Google Ads campaign and you just want to run a similar campaign on Bing, then we will import that campaign on Bing and make all necessary changes. If you don’t have any existing campaigns, then we will create a new campaign for you. We have well-equipped reporting systems which keep our clients updated about the progress of their Ads campaigns.


    As we follow a complete crystal-clear relationship with our customers, we develop analytics reports and statics to show our clients the successful growth of their Ad campaigns.

    Every week Conversion Perk develops a report to show your Bing project’s success. We make a report on keyword efficiency, clicks, impressions, and conversions. After you examine the report, we provide a one-hour call to talk about the project, consisting of new instructions and address any questions you may have.

    These reports make our client understand the areas of the product. We too take full advantage of these analytics to modify our approach to target audiences from all walks of the internet.

    Hire The Best Bing
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    Our Approach To Bing Marketing

    At Conversion Perk, we ensure that only Bing Ads Accredited professionals will set up, monitor and optimize your Ads campaigns (No exception). It is because they possess immense experience and knowledge of this field. In addition, our Bing professionals create a unique strategy structure for every Ad campaign depending on the nature of the business needs.

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    Specific Ads

    After discussing the marketing strategy & taking your inputs, we emphasize a product or customer-specific Ads.

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    Tailor Your Ads

    We adhere to tailored your Bing Ads after a specific point of time to gain more customer's attention.

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    We keep a track record of the customers who clicked on any of your products or services to convert these clicks into sales through campaign modifications.

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    Attention to Demographics

    Our Bing Ads Experts use audience demographic statistics to create campaigns targeting specific audiences.

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    Continuous Monitoring

    We keep monitoring all ads and replace them with new ads whenever required depending on the performance of the current running ads

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    Case Studies

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    Conversion perk has become a Google Partner Now!

    Conversion Perk has become a Google Partner in June 2021. With an average optimization Score of 96% with all accounts we are managing, Google found it worth to reward us with a “Google Partner” Badge.

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