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Google Adwords PPC Campaign Management

Google Adwords is highly demanding and probably most effective Pay Per Click platform these days. It helps you generating instant leads and sales for your website.

It is no hidden fact that Google is dominating the Search Engines and around 75% internet users use Google for searching purpose and getting website on 1st page of Google is the dream of every website owners. Although Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get your website on 1st page of Google Search Result Page but it is time consuming task and sometime it takes years to get a website on page 1.

The next best thing you or anyone has is Google Adwords PPC management services. It allows you to get the expected results in lesser amount of time and in a more attractive manner with the benefit of paying less. These are some of the reasons that website owners prefer to hire Adwords experts to get 1st page listing under “Sponsored Ads” section of search result page. It not only put you on front page but also enhances the visibility of your business.

Benefits with Google Adwords:

  • It gives you flexibility to run your campaign worldwide or in a targeted area only based on your preference and the requirement of your business.
  • It gives you freedom to target your audience based on different demographic factors like gender, age, location, interest, behavior, marital status etc. So that you can easily customize your target audience based on the needs and requirements of your business.
  • It gives you freedom to design campaign based on your preferences. You can choose any type of advertising campaign such as Search Campaign, Display Campaign, and Shopping Campaign or may be Video Campaign.
  • You can set your budget and bids according to your pocket and the best part is that Google charge for clicks only. No click, no money deduction. Hence the name Pay per Click.
  • You can control your ads based on devices, time, day, etc. depending upon the nature of your business. Let’s explain the concept through a example, “suppose if you are running an ad for restaurant food delivery business then, it will make sense to keep the ad running after 11 PM in the evening because even if someone place an order, you would not be able to deliver. Hence it will be better that you pause the campaign when the restaurant is closed. This feature is available only with Google-Adwords and we know about it

Hire the Best for Adwords Campaign Management

We understand the fact that all businesses are different and they need separate treatment. That’s why we don’t restrict our service to any so called “PPC Packages”. We are Google Adwords Certified Professionals and we prefer to understand your business objective by doing initial campaign audit before making any commitment. We believe audience targeting and keyword selection are 2 most important factors to make any campaign successful and by doing this, we have achieved up to 2,100% ROI with Google Adwords campaign. I feel it worth to share the link of our case study. See how we improved the conversion from 200% to 2,100% in 2 months only!

Hire Adwords experts – To get the best Adwords Campaign Management

Starting any business and growing it to heights are no easy tasks. It requires a lot of hard work, strategizing, help and investments. We have a team of industry experts for Google Adwords PPC, who are the best in the market. We understand the different facets of the business and how to bring the marketing part on speed and enhance the growth.

Our understanding of the nature and different aspects of business allows us to bring better results on the table. We do not constrict our services to a single package normally called as “PPC Package”. We have picked up one feature and have become experts in the same to offer the best skill sets in that particular feature.

May be we are not jack of all but we are certainly master of one technique and that is PPC management on various platforms. We have gained the certification and have become the Google Adwords Certified Professionals. Our main aim is to bring traffic to your website through Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

We prefer to understand your business objective by doing initial campaign audit before making any commitment of the outcome. We believe that audience targeting and keyword selection along with quality content to go with it are the most important factors to make any campaign successful. By concentrating on these factors, we have achieved up to 2,100% ROI with Google Adwords campaign for our various projects.

Hire Adwords PPC Experts - To Grow Your Conversion

Your step to hire Adwords Expert at Conversion Peak will not only bring success to your business but will also allow you to have a stress free working culture. Sometimes we don’t understand the level of stress we are getting in the business without getting the results. Well with us you will lose the stress and get the best results.

We feel, it is worth sharing the link of our case study, for better understanding of our work.

Free Adwords Campaign Analysis

We would love to audit your existing Adwords PPC Campaign. Feel free to contact us anytime by clicking on the banner below:

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Already running a PPC Campaign but not getting desired result? Contact us today and ask for “No Objection Free Audit Report”. We will analyze your campaign & suggest you the improvements. We keep all statistic confidential. Just provide us your basic details by filling the form and we will catch you within few hours.

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