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    Why Guest Blogging is the Best Inbound Marketing Strategy

    In today’s online business world, everybody needs the best and highly effective marketing technology to get more exposure to their products or services. The guest blogging is actually considered to be a very good inbound marketing and link building strategy for all kinds of businesses. The new business with the guest blogging will surely reach the top position within a few months because of its wonderful marketing technology. Most of the blogs online will accept the guest posts if they are informative, in depth in content, and too helpful for the target audience. Without guest blogging, it is not possible to reach the desired top position on the web environment.

    Finding the best blog for guest posting:        

    The most popular platform for this purpose of guest posting is Google. It is a right search engine in order to find the best online blogs in your appropriate niche. Everyone will get the first 10 list of results and kindly visit all of those websites. The visitors should need to check whether there are any of the blog posts from the bloggers or not. If there is any blog allowing guest posts, then they can choose it to post yours. If not, it is better trying other links to place your guest posts.

    Many famous blogs accept the guest posts because they wish to keep the blog always fresh and updated. At the same time, guest posting also helps a blog owner to publish fresh and new content every day. In each and every blog, there are some publishing guidelines for the guests. All the internet users first need to read them before submitting your posts for publishing. The general guidelines of such blogs will be,

    • Link guidelines
    • Formatting guidelines
    • Article length guidelines

    Benefits of guest blogging:

    It is highly beneficial for all guests who are all posting the blog posts and also the owner of the blogs. Through publishing the guest posting, the authority blogs will get an opportunity to publish fresh and new content every day. At the same time, the guests who are authors of the posts will also get the link, more online exposure, and traffic. The guest blogging has forever been one of the top and successful web marketing strategies for many years. The following are the highly considerable benefits of the guest posting on the famous blogs.

    • There are so many paid offers to write the guest posts for the blogs.
    • Two to three times increases in the referral traffic to the blog every year.
    • Huge online exposure to the target audience.
    • A plenty of invitations to do webinars and interviews that enhance perceived expertise and visibility.
    • New relationships and opportunities to combine with the leaders in the different fields.
    • Massive amounts of new clients.

    With all these benefits, almost all the internet business people are suggesting getting a guest posting for your effective online marketing.

    While choosing a particular blog for your guest posting, everyone first needs to consider the following factors including,

    All these are really very essential factors to be considered in order to choose the best blog to place your posts for the effective blogging.

    Top 5 rules for guest blogging:

    For the guest blogging, everyone needs to consider the following rules including,

    • Research
    • Writing
    • Proofreading
    • Submitting
    • Interaction

    Things to avoid while guest blogging:

    Even though the guest posting is highly simple and effective method for the successful online marketing, the following are very important things to be avoided when the business owners are ready for guest blogging.

    • Don’t mention the products and services directly.
    • Don’t argue with an owner of the blog.
    • Be polite.

    These are very important things everyone must consider for the successful guest posting.

    Useful questions with answers:

    Many people have doubts on guest blogging and how they are helpful for their online business marketing. The following are the questions along with the answers to clear all your doubts regarding guest posting.

    1. Q: What is guest blogging?

    A: The guest blogging is a specific form of successful content marketing for the online businesses in order to attract more amounts of target audiences to their official websites.

    1. Q: Is the guest blogging really the best inbound marketing strategy?

    A: Yes. The guest blogging technology has transformed the startups to the improved businesses. A plenty of online blogs are always ready to accept the guest posts with the valuable content and helpful articles. They will surely reach the target audience and highly helpful to get extensive amounts of internet traffic.

    1. Q: Is guest blogging really worthy?

    A: Yes. Guest blogging is a nice key element for the growth of the online business by promoting the brand on the web and get extensive amounts of new clients.

    Few references for guest blogging:

    When the online users want to get into the guest blogging to place the posts on any of the popular blogs, the following are the best references for guest posting.



    Both these blogs are from the famous Amazon and Alexa platforms to accept the guest blogging from the user’s side.


    The guest blogging still remains a crucial part of the solid internet marketing strategy. For the effective and the most successful marketing activities, all the business owners should need to ensure high quality, fresh, and engaging contents on their business websites. By spreading such web marketing efforts out over the guest blogging, they will get maximum exposure to the brands with lots of new audiences. Whether you are an individual, SEO agency, or doing the small business, it is highly necessary to look for the guest blogging to accept the posts from the visitors of the blogs. It is highly beneficial to build your brand better in order to get more exposure online.

    Conversion Perk provides guest blogging service under our e-commerce SEO plan. We choose website for guest post by measuring all points mentioned above and then we try to get our post live. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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    Promote Your Wedding Photography Website in 5 Simple Steps

    Based on our past experience, we have seen that more than 50% wedding photographer has their own website but they don’t know the way to promote their website/business online to attract more visitors. Having a business website is one thing and getting leads from that website is entirely different this. SEO for wedding photography website is “Arts” more than “Science” and it takes some time to get your website rank on first page of search result page which PPC for wedding photography website is “Science” more than “Arts” and you can expect quick leads after starting the campaign. Recent we have written a blog post about the advantages of internet marketing for small business owners. According to “Conversion Perk”, a photographer should consider following 5 points to promote their wedding photography website:-

    1. Identify Your Audience

    One of the key factors to promoting your wedding photography website via online marketing strategies is targeting your unique audience. This is important for any type of online marketing and is easier to accomplish for wedding photography than many other professions. You need to know exactly who you want to put your message in front of and who your ideal customer would be. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing your target audience:

    • Do I primarily work in one geographical region or area?
    • Do I primarily do large or small weddings?
    • What other things will my potential clients be searching for online?
    • What age do most people get married?
    • Does the bride or groom typically do the brunt of searching for photographers?
    • What is the lowest budget I can work with?

    By answering these questions and specifying your target audience, you are eliminating the possibility of spending money advertising to promote your wedding photography website to people who do not need or cannot afford your service.

    1. Design a Promotional Offer for Wedding Season

    As a wedding photographer, you should have your finger on the pulse of wedding season, trends and timelines. June through September is most popular for weddings in the United States and 43% of people get engaged between November and January. These dates should heavily influence your online marketing and website promotion strategies.

    Use this information to offer discounts and deals during peak wedding seasons. Offer custom card and invitation bundles if they hire you for both engagement and wedding photography. Offer a reduction in price if they book a certain amount of time before their wedding. Offer a photography bundle during peak season. There are lots of ways to take advantage of this season that will benefit both you and the client.

    1. Choose the Channels to Advertise

    Now that you’ve chosen your audience and you know the peak times to advertise, you have to choose the online medium through which to advertise. Choosing one that fits your needs best is critical to getting out your message and promoting traffic to your website.

    Two of the most popular channels to advertise with are Google Adwords and Facebook to get instant lead. Both have equally potential to keep you busy for the entire season.

    According to a popular debate on wordstream, Google AdWords gives you access to the 3.5 billion search queries Google generates daily. The Google Display Network is “a great choice for advertisers who want to accomplish online marketing goals that aren’t necessarily as conversion driven as those of PPC ads, such as raising brand awareness.” You have the ability to reach an immense number of people and there are numerous ways to reach your target audience.

    Facebook’s strength “lies in the potential granularity with which advertisers can target Facebook’s users.” Because people interact and share information about themselves with Facebook so regularly in an effort to connect with other people, you have an amazing opportunity to narrow your target audience to the exact type of person you want to see your ad. Facebook is very visual and provides an almost unrivaled return on investment, allowing you to stretch your budget.

    1. Hire an Agency to Promote Your Business

    There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help with your online marketing. Getting a lot of the right kind of traffic to your wedding photography website can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. An agency can help you get highly targeted clicks at the lowest possible rate. They do this by optimizing well thought-out campaigns that are based on your target audience, including age group, gender, device, location, ad copies, interest, behavior and more. They have extensive experience utilizing the tools you may just have gotten introduced to.

    Hiring an agency is always a good idea for any wedding photographer because what you save money by lowering your PPC is often close to the fee that they charge. This way you get a higher conversion rate thanks to their help and are paying roughly the same price – more sales, same budget. A good agency can lower your cost by about 25% to 30%, sometimes even more. Hiring an agency also means you can spend less time managing your campaign and more time on creative endeavors. We have written a blog post about PPC campaign for small business and how we grew their business by more than 2,100% in the same allocated budget.

    1. Access the Result

    One of the most important parts of online marketing is often the part that is overlooked. It is essential to observe and analyze your results at the end of a campaign and allow that analysis to influence your next try. Many marketers don’t see sales streaming in, assume their efforts have failed and give up. However, it may take a few tweaks to perfect your strategy.

    You can see via tools like Google Adwords, Facebook, Campaign Monitor and more who converted and who didn’t. You can also see how many impressions you received, where they came from, who they came from and when they came in. If you notice that your highest engagement or the most amount of clicks came from a specific ad via women aged 30-35 at 10pm on Sundays, you can optimize your next campaign and narrow in on those statistics. If your ads on Wednesdays got the fewest impressions, don’t advertise on Wednesdays at all. Analyzing and refining your online marketing can only increase your ROI and make your campaign stronger.

    Did I miss anything to mention or still have some questions? We would love to answer them. Just fill the form in the right or on contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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    Advantages of Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

    Marketing is a simple concept: spreading your brand or message to the people most likely to buy your product or service. It’s the keystone of business and inundates almost every aspect of our lives – from print to television to virtual ads. Why should a small business specifically use Internet marketing specifically to bring in sales?

    Let’s get into some more details about Internet marketing.

    The World is Becoming Digital

    “Small business can easily benefit from Internet [marketing], because search engines such as Google have replaced phone directories and the Yellow Pages in a digitally enhanced way. The most basic thing a business can do is a to have a great Web page and make sure this page is easily surfaced by a search engine, such as Google.” (Kirthi Kalyanam, director of Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University)

    As of 2015, 3 billion people use the Internet on a regular basis. This comes to about 42% of the world’s population. With numbers like that, it’s a wonder more small businesses don’t use Internet marketing as their primary form of marketing. The Internet is where your customers already are, to put it simply. Marketing caters to the consumer, not the other way around.

    The Bullseye

    Simply being online, even though it’s the first step, isn’t enough. One of the great advantages to Internet marketing is the ability to find specific people and put your message in front of only them. If you sell women’s shoes in Houston, Texas, it’s useless for men in New York City to see your message. Using targeting tools are typically simple to use and help you filter out those who won’t buy. You can target based on things like:

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Location
    • Language
    • Interests
    • Device Used

    Don’t Break The Bank

    A ½ page to full page color retail ad in the New York Times Sunday paper can cost you up to costs $34,500. As of 2015, there are more than 2 million people who subscribe to the New York Times, either in print or digital form. This means that for $34,000+, you can reach up to 2 million people all at once. That’s great for Apple, but chances are, your business is not at Apple’s size yet. However, you can still reach an enormous number of people for a lot less than $34,000 via Internet marketing.

    Advertising via social media (Check most popular brands on social media) comes at a nominal cost (Check content marketing strategies that can drive more visitors to your website) that allows you to choose your audience and set a maximum spend and campaign duration. You have total control over every detail of your ad campaign. Depending on your campaign targets, you can get your add in front of 1,000 for as little as $5.

    Or you may want to think a little bigger with Google Ads, appearing when people use Google to search. According to promise media, the average cost per thousand impressions of a Google banner ad is about $15.

    There are a numerous amount of ad options available online that are tailored to specific plans, budgets and products, from Facebook ads to Google Ads to Pay-Per-Click, which allows you to only pay each time someone clicks through to your website. With proper management, a PPC campaign can cost as little as $0.15 per click and provide over 2,000% Return on Ad Spend (Read how Conversion Perk helped a small business owner to grow their sale by 2,144% just in 1 month)

    Internet Marketing Help

    Overall, the benefits of Internet marketing are indisputable. Even the most simple marketing campaign can provide you with:

    • A quickly growing number of customers due to a strong internet presence
    • The ability to target and find your perfect customers around the globe and satisfy their needs
    • Options in all price ranges that provide you more return for your money than other marketing avenues
    • The ability to personalize your campaign with your own art and messages to create brand consistency
    • Simple and intuitive tools designed for anyone to use, even those who are not tech savvy
    • A way to connect with each customer so you can form brand trust and increase sales

    Despite how easy it is to advertise online, there are people out there who can run a campaign with the wisdom, experience and detail-oriented focused require to get the most out of your ad spend. Conversion Peak Internet Marketing Agency knows how to get your message in front of the right consumers at the right time. Their wide array of digital marketing solutions allows you to get the very most out of Internet marketing.

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