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10 Tips to Avoid Failure in Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

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In the Digital Era, most of us are well aware that digital marketing is the best way to generate quality leads and get proper exposure. However, the question is whether one should outsource or hire an in-house team?


Well, more than 50% of businesses opt for outsourcing as it helps in reducing operational costs. How?


  • There is no need to invest in infrastructure or equipment while outsourcing digital marketing services.
  • You automatically save workforce costs as you only have to pay for the services that you are taking from the outsourcers.
  • It saves lots of time and allows you to focus on core business goals
  • It also helps in increasing your company’s efficiency and productivity.


Even after discussing all this information, the elephant in this room is whether one should outsource Digital marketing services? Is it worth it?


There are indeed several myths floating around in the market regarding the risk behind outsourcing a Digital Marketing agency. However, the doubt should be wiped out with one fact that most of the major brands are either already outsourcing or considering it.


We can’t eliminate the risk associated with it; however, we can lower the extent by helping you in making an informed decision. With the help of this blog, it will be easier to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency. Here are some pointers which will save your time and reduce the budget in finding a Digital marketing agency.

  1. Response Time: Hiring a digital marketing agency is a priority for you. But are you on their priority list or not? The best way to check this is by testing their response time. On an initial level, when you are searching for the agency, drop them a message that you are looking to hire them. If the response appears within 24 hours, you can say the company is active. If it takes more than 24 hours, then you know which agency to remove from your list of prospects.
  2. Company Size: There is no right answer when it comes to the size of the company either if you are a huge or a small business. Because if you are superior in your own domain, then hiring a good-sized company seems reasonable. However, if you are a small business, seeking to hire a medium-size company is the best option. You will get proper attention and resources there.
  3. Pricing Model And Structure: Every company has a unique pricing model and structure. So, choosing the right pricing model that meets your business requirement without flooding your budget is important. Generally, there are three types of prominent pricing models:
    1. The Fixed Price Model – In this model, there is a fixed price for the project. The price is decided at the initial stage with all pre-decided project requirements.
    2. The Time Model – In this model, the price is charged based on the time spent on the project by the agency.
    3. The Dedicated Team Model – In this model, a dedicated team is provided by the agency. Here a monthly amount is paid to the agency, including the team’s salary and the vendor’s fee.

So far, the dedicated team model is one of the most efficient and productive models because there is no need to worry about hiring or training new staff then.

  1. Experience and Expertise: Experience has always been given the most importance in the hiring process. Even if one is hiring a regular employee, experience always matters. So before making a decision, take a look at the experience of the agency. The potential agency must have expertise in similar projects to understand the needs and requirements distinctively.
  2. Communication: While working with a third-party agency, communication plays a vital role in bringing success to the project. Especially if the agency is in a foreign land, then establishing a strong communication channel is important. Hence while looking for the right digital marketing agency, make sure you discuss the form of communication channels and whether they are ready to dedicate time to you on a regular basis or not. In most of these remote location work, cross-team relationships can pose a challenge sometimes. Discuss the issues and ask for solutions. Hire only when you are satisfied.
  3. Adaptability: Every domain of business is continuously changing and advancing with every passing day. From marketing strategies to tools, constant updates have become the norm in the industry. Make sure the potential agency has the ability to adapt to the changes and bring fruitful results. Adaptability has become an important characteristic in the fast pacing world.
  4. Language Barrier: Hiring a third-party agency from a foreign country brings out the biggest challenge, i.e., language issues. Make sure the team you are hiring has good proficiency in English. It helps in easy communication and will bring better results. If you are hiring an agency from India, then it might be easier for you as, “India is one of the largest English speaking countries in the world.”
  5. Office: A potential agency’s office is equally important in decision-making. The culture, location, and infrastructure of the office send a valuable message in the market. Cultural clashes can hinder the progress of the work. In the end, lack of infrastructure means a lack of resources for your project.
  6. Training: Training programs and policies are also good points to check. It allows the employees to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques. So while connecting with the agency, don’t forget to ask about their training programs, certifications, and policies for the employees.
  7. Feedback: Feedback from past clients throws real light on the working culture of any agency. To connect with the real customers through various platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. Apart from this, you can also visit their social media platforms to look at the reviews and feedback. Google reviews also share some good insights about the agencies.


These pointers or the checklist can help you avoid the failure of choosing the right Digital Marketing Agency. Risk has always been a part of business ventures. How you mitigate that risk makes the difference!

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  1. My cousin wants to start an online business in a few months, and she’s interested in building a strong marketing agency. I’m glad you elaborated on marketing agencies and the importance of checking their past experience before hiring one, so I’ll make sure my cousin gets your insight right now. Thanks for the information on digital marketing agencies and how to find the best one for your company.

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