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History of Advertising – From The Newspaper to Page 1 of Google

History of Advertising Conversion Perk Conversion Perk

New to the digital world? You might be unfamiliar to the buzzing trend! Everyone trying to dodge through, to make their way to the top. Here, we will describe the history of advertising which started from the classified pages of the newspapers to the front page of the search engine giant Google (BTW I have taken Indian context for reference).

This article is to provide you a complete walk-through from the corridors of history of advertisements in India. A quick rundown through the flow of events which lead to this great revolution, this will help you get a clearer insight into this.

What is advertising? How did it all start? The beginning of advertising culture? It’s true essence!

Advertising is a very ancient form of marketing communication, it communicates about the product or a service at the grand level, basically to create awareness and further promote it. Advertising is a medium to deliver marketing strategies. Brief history of advertising (considering Indian context) is starts here:

The birth- Idea of advertising

The concept of advertising came in view around the end of 17th century and got its exposure during mid of 18th century, that time print media was the only form of media used for ads. Although with the advancement in technology, various forms of media were introduced in a short span of time. Although advertising digitally is the latest amongst all. It has created a revolution in the entire industry on quite a great level.

The First Newspaper

The first newspaper in India was “The Calcutta General Advertiser” or “Hickey’s Bengal Gazette” and it was published in the late 17th  century. Publishing a newspaper was an expensive business at that time, so to cover the cost and expenses of the paper, management decided to publish advertisements in the paper. Advertisements used to come under the heading of classifieds with normal informational texts. Those advertisements generally belonged to only high end retailers or patented medicines.

It almost took a century to understand and notice that plain text advertisements were not sufficient. Soon, they realized that they need proper layouts, with catchy lines and attractive images to catch the attention of customers plus they also need to consider the mode of advertising to acknowledge the right audience through the right medium.

The First Ad Agency

To solve this chaos of inefficiency and lack of knowledge, India’s first advertisement agency was born from Girgaum, Mumbai, namely B. Dattaram’s. Introduction of the ad agency brought a revolution in the world of advertisements and recognition was made regarding the importance of advertisements in business world. In no time the whole country got loads of ad agencies from India as well as outside.

But the introduction of larger agencies having global presence created a downfall for the local small ventures, either they disappeared or merged with the big bulls of industry to remain in the work. Once India got independence, chips started to fall in its bowl as the business started to flourish.

Digital Marketing- Reaching on the front page of Google

These turn in events brought a new branch in the working commonly known as digital marketing to people. This branch is in itself an entire tree if looked closely. The other forms of advertising still exist and are booming on their own level. However, the branch of Digital marketing has not only covered a larger area but also has to a great extent overshadowed various other forms of marketing.

Digital marketing has its own quirks where it not only enhances your visibility through SEO and SMM activities but also increases your sale through PPC campaigns. Isn’t that pretty overwhelming? The small box on the side of the Google search page is enough to catch the eye of millions of people. As per a report by Google, “Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.”

The other report by Google says, “Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Adwords”

Statistics never lie and the above numbers well explain the statistics of the advertisements on digital medium.

As the business sector grows, advertisement industry is walking parallel to it. Step by Step advertisements are becoming the need of the businesses all over the world. Advertisements have the power to create a brand within no time. Now, Ads are not just limited to print media rather they have taken a 360 degree circle and you will find ads everywhere in every form, from newspapers to radio to televisions. The presence of advertisements can be felt in each turn and corner of the world.

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