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Adwords Tips – How to Use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) for Higher ROI?

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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) is a more dynamic and sophisticated targeting method that works perfectly with the all-known keywords targeting methods. It helps advertisers to tailor their campaign activities base on user’s behaviors and it is a less used method until recently when the online marketers noticed that a bag of money is been left on table in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) when applying RLSA. So, in this adwords tips based article, I will be covering some best practices on RLSA to get the higher ROI on your ads campaigns. BTW Larry Kim of wordstream is a big fan of Remarketing List for Search Ads based campaign and he always encourage website owners to run this type of campaign to get maximum benefits.

There are many benefits hinges in using RLSA advertising system: one can better tailor the search campaigns to target more qualified and valuable users who are already aware of your website with RLSA.  Ultimately, the conversion is going to receive a huge boost and therefore, increase the ROI on advertisement. More importantly, RLSA allows for showing different ads to site visitors who have taken any proactive steps towards buying anything on the website but never buy. Moreover, there is ample opportunity of only have your search ads shown to the previous visitors of your site and you could save a lot of money on add bids and campaigns.

But how do I get it right? You asked. Well, I will show you some best ways to go about your RLSA in the way that your ROI will be very much increased. The very first step to handle your RLSA is to create detailed remarketing lists and get a snippet code from your search engines. Being it Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo etc to each page you’ll like to target using RLSA on your site. This will enable the cookie on the gadget used by the visitors to add more visitors to your remarketing list. While some search engines like Google requires a minimum number of visitors on your list to start your campaign, some do not. Secondly, the adds need to be shown only to the people already visited one of the pages on your website- you can achieve this by triggering and streamline the targeted keywords base on the search terms of your previous visitors. This will also help reduce your PPC costs

Bidding on more generic keywords, this to increase your campaign conversion and boost the return on investment, RLSA provides you with an ample opportunity of bidding on more generic and specific keywords for the qualified audience of your remarketing list. Morealso, excluding the converted users from your campaign by solely target the users that have previously visited will not only increase your ROI, but also save you some money. Bidding on competitor terms only when the user has already visited your website can really enhance your ROI; this entails bidding on your competitor’s name. The ads only show when the user who is searching with that keyword is already on your audience list of users who have previously visited your site.

There are many examples and results over time from implementing the RLSA campaign system a typical example of this is the two campaigns with the same exact keywords. One is targeting the existing website visitor using RLSA system and the other one targeting the new visitors. Obviously, the cost per conversion of the former will be quite low to that of the later, think about it, simply because the audience is already familiar with the brand. Also the click through rate of the former (RLSA) will be double of the later because they know the brands, the same thing goes for the Cost per Click, therefore increases the Return on Investment ROI.

Conclusively, RLSA is the marketing tool basically lets you find the conversions and clicks from people who are going to click through at twice the rate, half the costs, and triple the conversion rate. This campaign methods helps you do a lot in marketing your brands at a lesser cost, it is more targeted, and ultimately increases your Return on Investment (ROI).

Feel from to write your comment or questions on the comment box below. We would love to answer those questions. You can contact Conversion Perk anytime to setup Remarketing List for Search Ads campaign to increase conversion rate at least by 300%.

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