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5 Adwords PPC Secrets to Get More Conversions

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Did you know that in managing your Google Adwords pay per click campaigns, you can easily lose a large amount of money without even knowing it? So what is the secret for eliminating wasted expense? Well, here are 5 secrets which can help you to eliminate the expense and get you more conversions.

#1 Improve Quality Score

We know that there are three main components used to determine the quality of the Adwords campaign:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience

It is not uncommon to hear feedback from clients and agencies alike that the component of the landing page is the most expensive and time-consuming to optimize. This is because, the changes in the landing pages may require the participation of individuals or many teams, like web designers and developers and IT professionals. It’s okay. While waiting for those beautiful landing pages to come to fruition, you can still improve the other two components and see concrete results. Quality score is directly related Ad Rank and CPC is the major factor of ad rank. Higher the quality score means higher the ad rank and it ultimately means lower the CPC. Found bit confusing? Let me try to explain it with an example,

Suppose there are 3 websites (A.B and C) and they are bidding for the same keywords (suppose “Hire PPC Experts”). Let’s assume that the quality score of A, B, C for the keyword “Hire PPC Experts” is 5/10, 4/10 and 10/10 and they are bidding $5, $7 and $3 respectively. Now the question is, which ads will come on first position when someone searches for the matching query? The common thinking is, bidding higher will bring you better position on search page but it is partially true. Google considers your bid and quality score to determine your position and calculates your ad rank (Ad Rank = Bid*Quality Score). So in this situation,

  1. Ad Rank of Website A = 5 X $5 = 25
  2. Ad Rank of Website B = 4 X $7 = 28
  3. Ad Rank of Website C = 10 X $3 = 30

Clearly; the ad rank of C is the highest among all 3 so Google will reward C on the first position (even after bidding only $3), B would get 2nd position (but they will have to bid $7) and C would get 3rd position even after bidding $5. So, either you increase your quality score or bid high to achieve better ranking. Options are yours.

We at Conversion Perk focus on Quality Score rather than increasing the bid. Our average quality score ranges from 7 to 10. Increasing quality score by 1 position means you are saving 10% of your budget for that keyword. If you increase your quality score from 6 to 9, it means you have saved 50% of your Adwords budget for that keyword and this is what Conversion Perk do. By increasing the quality score, we cut down marketing budget of our clients without affecting number of conversions.

#2 Do A/B Testing with Ad Copies & Landing Page

To conduct the A/B test correctly, you will have to implement a control – usually the consistent, strongest performing version of your ad, along with at least one or more variations of this ad. Please note, in order to properly identify which variable is responsible for changes in the response rate or the desired result, both the ads must be alike except for one variable difference.

#3 Do Regular Bid Optimization

Optimizing Adwords should happen regularly. Adwords CPC and related offerings do continually change, even several times per second as the competition enters the market. These must be set at least several times a month if necessary to keep your keywords presented in the correct position, and take advantage of lower competition or to maintain the territory in times of increased competition. It can also be used to increase the position in terms having good performance from the conversion viewpoint.

#4 Don’t Underestimate the Power of Re-Targeting

Google Adwords allow you to retarget through their platform by creating retargeting lists based on a set of rules. For example, you can target all visitors to the site or you can target visitors who came to a specific page on your site or completed a specific action. Based on your targeting preferences, Google will trigger your ads to show the same visitors on websites across the Google Display Network. They have visited to your website earlier that means they are already familiar with your product/services so re-targeting your product/services within such potential customers increases the chances of conversion.

#5 Use As Much Ad Extensions As You Can

Ad extensions are a great way to stand out from the crowd and qualify with users. There are a lot of extensions offered by Google Adwords to choose from. The recommendation is to use all the extensions provided, but 80% of websites ignore this powerful tool. Even if you cannot use all extensions for some reason, here are 3 of the most important to use:

  • Sitelinks Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Location Extension

Wrapping It Up!

Following these proven techniques Adwords undoubtedly improve the current conversion rate of your campaign, which will help you get your overall advertising goals. However, be careful what method is being used!

  • Sitelinks Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Location Extension
Share what other techniques you use to increase the Adwords conversions. We would love to consider them in my next article. Thanks for reading!

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