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If you focus on a good PPC campaign the results can flourish but on the other hand the wrong strategies can lead to disastrous results. This is why it is important for small business owners to figure out which is the best approach when it comes to PPC marketing. With that in mind, here are some of the common mistakes that almost all business owners do in regards to PPC and you can save up to 40% of your monthly budget after doing proper optimization work (See how Conversion Perk helped their client getting more sales in the same budget)

#1 Fighting for the first spot

Just because you might be first in the paid ad sector it doesn’t mean you will have the most conversions. Research shows that the best paid spot is 3rd and 4th, so try to focus on that rather than the first spot. You will get comparatively less but more focused traffic. Everyone clicks on the website that comes on first position of search result page, no matter whether they are genuine buyer or not so you should consider this fact before making any bid.

#2 Ignoring seasonal content

If you want to boost your exposure, it’s a very good idea to adapt your ad copy to the current season and try to make your ad copies compatible with that only. This can help you generate lots of leads and sales without a high investment.

#3 Not tracking results

Once you invest in PPC, the first thing you can do is to study the results dashboard. Here you can see the traffic you get, the amount of leads you generate and other important information. If there are any issues, you can track and then resolve them on the spot, so proper tracking is mandatory for any PPC campaign to get better return on ad spend.

#4 Not controlling your competitors

You have to prevent competitors from using paid search with your company name. This will lower the results you can obtain and it’s a counter-intuitive process for any business. What you have to do however is to bid for your name and do that as fast as possible.

#5 Using phone numbers

It might seem eye catching at first but using the phone number in your ad won’t really offer any boost. That’s why the recommended option is to focus on using adequate copy rather than integrating the phone number in your ad copy. Adwords Search ad campaign comes with an ad extension to integrate your phone number. We always recommend our clients to use that feature instead of putting phone numbers in ad copies. By using “Phone Extension”, you can also put Google forwarding number with ad copies to track your phone calls. Actually we recommend our marketers to use all ad extensions that come with Google Adwords for better result. Here is an example of an ad copy with 3 “Ad Extensions”:

Conversion Perk Conversion Perk

#6 Stuffing keywords

Not doing proper keyword research and stuffing keywords in your ad copy is a very bad idea. Basically you need to keep the bottom line in mind that you are supposed to attract your potential buyers with 95 characters only (25 characters in header and 70 characters in description line. I’m not a big fan of putting keywords in “Display URL” section.). Try to find the best keywords and use them wisely. If you can’t, hire a professional to write your copy!

#7 Not doing geo-targeting

Geo-targeting is essential if you want to focus on specific areas within the country or a certain age range. This might not seem that relevant at first but trust me; you will see huge improvement in result after enabling geo-targeting feature. According to Google “Location targeting helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and hopefully helps you increase your profits as a result. We suggest that you choose the region where your customers live and where your business can serve them.

#8 Mobile Bid Adjustment

Not all businesses or their target audience are the same. Just for an example, typically people prefer to use their mobile phone when they do some local search but at the same time, they prefer to use desktop computer when doing some business related searches. It is highly recommended to keep monitoring the performance of Adwords campaign based on device that your audience is using. If you are getting most of the conversions from mobile browser then increase your bid for that. This will help you to capture more customers. You can decrease your bid from desktop to form a balance. Read detailed explanation about Mobile bid adjustment on Google Adwords Support blog.

#9 Not doing any tests

Testing is mandatory in any industry and the same applies in the PPC world as well. The more you test the better it is and the more value you can get in the end. Focus on proper testing with ad copies, landing page, keywords types etc and the results will surely pay off!

#10 Avoiding the brand name keywords

A very good idea is to bid on the competitor name and keywords. This can help you get the attention of potential customers and you do want that to happen. It’s helpful if you want to get more leads (basically if you want to steal your competitors lead)!

Unfortunately, more and more marketers and companies are making these mistakes, but our solution will help you deal with all issues efficiently and in a much better manner. Try to focus on ad quality, use seasonal opportunities, geo tagging and all the other helpful situations that might bring in front great results. Do all you can to get exposure and stop fighting for the first place; you can even get a good exposure from the third place in the ad results!

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