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Unlock the Full Potential of Amazon Ads with Shutterstock

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Amazon Ads and Shutterstock are two of the biggest names in the world of online advertising and visual content, and their recent collaboration is set to revolutionize the way advertisers approach creative campaigns. By providing free and easy access to Shutterstock’s library of over 390 million high-quality licensed assets, Amazon Ads advertisers in the US now have a wealth of creative options at their fingertips, helping them to create engaging, authentic, and diverse campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

The integration of Shutterstock’s library into the Amazon Ads console makes it easier than ever for advertisers to access and use high-quality images in their campaigns. Advertisers can use the creative assets application to search and browse for the perfect image to meet their brand’s needs, and they can do so directly within the Amazon Ads console. The seamless integration means that even small and medium businesses, which may not have the resources to build their own creative assets, can now create stunning visuals for their ads with ease.

Every asset in the Shutterstock library has been reviewed for both design quality and technical execution, ensuring that all images meet high standards. This means that advertisers can be confident that they are using professional, visually appealing images in their campaigns, which will help to grab the attention of their target audience. The positive impact of creative on campaign performance is already being seen, with advertisers who used custom images across their Sponsored Display campaigns reporting an average 29% increase in product detail page view rate compared to those who didn’t.

Shutterstock’s worldwide network, with more than 2 million contributors from over 150 countries, is one of the biggest strengths of this collaboration. This means that advertisers can create truly diverse and authentic ads that showcase their brand, value proposition, and product offerings in a global context. The diverse range of images available in the Shutterstock library means that advertisers can create ads that are representative of their target audience, helping to build a strong connection with their customers.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Amazon Ads and Shutterstock is a game changer for the world of online advertising. Advertisers now have access to a wealth of high-quality licensed assets, which they can use to create stunning visuals for their campaigns. Whether you’re a small or medium business, or a large corporation, this integration makes it easier than ever to infuse stunning visuals into your ads and drive results. With the potential to increase product detail page view rates by an average of 29%, there’s no reason not to give this collaboration a try and see what it can do for your campaigns.

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