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    The Most Popular Brands on Social Networking Sites

    Starcount conducted surveys and collected data from all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other sites and using the information gathered they have compiled a list of the Top 10 Brands on Social Media.

    1. Samsung – Samsung was voted the Most Popular Social Media Brand worldwide for the year. This is quite surprising because it was not the most popular brand on any particular network. But in the past year they had 16 Million new followers contributing to the already existing large fan base. So due to this Samsung snatched the 1st place according to Starcount. Samsung during the year released their Curved Screens and their Galaxy S4 Smartphone. They have millions of fans on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
    2. Walt Disney – Walt Disney came second to Samsung mainly because of their 1 million follower increment on a Chinese micro blogging site. Disney grabbed the attention of kids and adults alike with their release of Monsters University. And during the year their Facebook fan base had increased by over 2 million.
    3. National Geographic – National Geographic clinched third place largely due to its YouTube channel which was top rated and got over 160 million views. The company also celebrated its 125th anniversary this year and it was a fitting year for them as a whole.
    4. Nike – The world famous sports shoe brand included social media marketing as a core component in its marketing campaign this year. So by their marketing which mainly included releasing of viral videos they were able to get over 50 million views on YouTube clinching the spot of 4th place.
    5. Google – The world tech giant comes in 5th place with their latest products taking the markets by storm. The release of their Google Glass specially contributed to their growing publicity this year. Google managed to attract over 3 Million new fans on Facebook there by having a total fan base of over 15 million fans.
    6. Coca-Cola – The soft drink market leader released their new campaign “Share a Coke” and the campaign’s instant success led to over 15 million new fans on Facebook and a massive 58 million views on their YouTube channel this year. Thereby the brand was able to get 6th place on the list.
    7. MTV – MTV managed to get 7th place following the success of the MTV Music Awards in August this year. The show instantly became a success due to its guest performers and their styles which earned them over 10 million new fans from Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    8. Facebook – The most popular social media network came in 8th place on the most popular brands on social media list. They gained over 16 million new fans on their own social media site during the year.
    9. Instagram – The constantly growing brand proved popular among fans yet again with the increase of their already large fan base by another 16 Million followers on their own profile on Instagram this year.
    10. YouTube – After Google+ added their joint video sharing service with YouTube through any Google+ account YouTube’s popularity has grown with them accumulating over 3 Million Fans who follow YouTube on Google+ during the year.

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