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    3 Facebook Advertising Tips for Better Performance

    If you haven’t noticed already, Facebook advertising gets the number one spot for being the most popular advertising platform for business owners these days. There are so many  active users on Facebook daily, that it’s no wonder businesses are utilizing the advertising program for lead generation and sales. What makes Facebook stand out so much from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google when it comes to advertising? Well, it mostly has to do with the features you can play around with to narrow down to a T, who you’re targeting and where they are located. This incredible feature is giving businesses more band for their buck, and they love it.

    If you’re new to Facebook ads, it might look a little scary at first because there are several options to choose from when setting up your ad. This is why it’s important to be clear on what your goals are before you start tackling ad campaigns. You also want to make sure you have a budget in place, so that you’re not exceeding advertising costs. The easiest way to run your ads, is to set up a daily budget. This way, you’re not going overboard, and you can keep track of how your ads are doing. It’s important that you are attracting the people you wish to target with your ads, so if you have ads that aren’t performing well, you can always stop them from running, tweak them if you need to, and start running them again.

    And then there’s your competition. There are some things you must take into consideration when it comes to driving people to your ads opposed to away from your ads. These are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook advertising campaigns:

    1. Know who your target market is and as much about them as possible. This is the only way you’ll reap the benefits of your Facebook ads. It’s the same as if you were doing ordinary online marketing. You would make sure all of your marketing efforts are going towards your perfect audience. These are the people who want what you have to offer. Along with knowing their hobbies, interests, and behavior, you also want to target their location, whether it’s based on country, city, or state.
    2. Make sure your message draws people in. Once you do this, it makes it easier for them to take some action. Your advertising campaigns should do a few things: 1) Tells your audience about how they will benefit from what you’re offering, 2) Mention their pain points, struggles, or why they need the product or service, and 3) Have a call to action (CTA). You created an ad to get them to click, so tell them to do just that.
    3. Wherever you send them, make it worthwhile. You don’t want to spend all your time creating the perfect adjust to send them to a crappy landing page or website. Whether you’re giving some sort of training, such as a webinar, or you are giving away a free report, the content and overall look of the page must be on point or people will leave. The content must be in sync with your ad campaigns. Your landing page doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should be easy to navigate, easy to read, and have an inviting look. If you’re not using easy landing page design sites like Lead pages or Optimize Press, you can get a freelancer to set this up or do it yourself on your blog. It’s important that your page copy grabs your visitor’s attention, so they do what you want them to do.

    If you want to achieve the best results with your Facebook ad campaigns, it would be in your best interest to have all your ducks in a row before you begin. If you monitor your ads and see that you aren’t reaching your objectives, make the necessary changes and begin again. The best thing you can do is keep going, even if it doesn’t go perfectly the first few times.

    3 Facebook Advertising Tips for Better Performance
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  • Morgan says:Reply
    November 18, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    One more thing that I would add here is bid adjustment. Typically people go with automated bidding system with Facebook and sometimes they are not very much sure about the type of campaign that they should choose because Facebook gives option for clicks and conversion based campaign creation. If your goal is conversion then you should go with conversion type of campaign but the worst part with it is, you can’t adjust bid for click, you can only adjust it for conversion and sometime I have seen 200% to 300% more CPC with conversion campaign than click based campaign. Any solution for this?

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