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    Supercharge Your Campaign with 5 Must Have Adwords Extensions

    Because of the time and effort it takes to manage an Adwords campaign, from the budgeting and adjusting to the analysis and keyword targeting, it’s great to be able to have help that will boost your conversions and make your efforts worth it. Adwords extensions give you the chance to add more information to your ad to make it more powerful. “This extra information helps your ad to stand out and get clicked, which in turn will lower your cost per click and in many cases improve conversion rates.”

    Some benefits of the best Adwords Extensions available right now:


    #1 Sitelinks Extensions: This ad extension lets you display more links under your ad copy and therefore more opportunities  for customers to click through and convert. Google may show them as either links or text so it’s important to format them both ways just in case. You can take a look at the results of some random Google searches and see what other people are saying with their sitelinks extensions that make their ads stand out from the crowd.


    #2 Location Extensions: Location extensions are fantastic because you can give your ads a boost by displaying an address, phone number and map marker, as well as a directions link so that customers can immediately get directions to your business. This shows that the business is local and can also usually display hours. If a customer sees you are open when competitors are not, they are much more likely to visit your location than any other. Also, people don’t want to have to search for information. It’s much better to deliver it directly to them even if they didn’t know they needed it yet.


    #3 Call Extensions: Call extensions do exactly what it sounds like. You can add your phone number to the ad which enables easier calling, especially on mobile devices. According to Google, adding a phone number to your ad not only helps it stand out but will increase click through rates by as much as 8%. Your business may not always benefit from a call, but for some businesses a phone call is the top form of conversion. It’s worth it to add a number to your ad if you rely on phone calls for much of your business.


    #4 Callout Extensions: This extension allows you to add more text onto your search ads. This text can have detailed information about products and services you company offers. Maybe you have some unique offers you want to promote, like free shipping, or a new deal on a particularly service you want people to know about. With Callout Extensions you can publicize this new benefit right in your ad to add more value to their search and convince customers to convert.


    #5 Seller Ratings Extensions: If you sell online, you know how important ratings are. We judge a company based on how many stars and reviews it has, often filtering searches by those very values. The seller ratings extension uses Google Product search to display an out-of-five-star rating icon on your ad. “Searchers and website users love to feel reassured by endorsements and product ratings, and the seller rating extension does just that”

    Supercharge Your Campaign with 5 Must Have Adwords Extensions
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  • Robert says:Reply
    September 29, 2016 at 1:02 am

    These are great… I look forward to seeing some of these new ones, in Beta.. as it looks promising. Thanks for the list!

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    September 29, 2016 at 1:04 am

    It is great to see your knowledge, I always keep your emails and read them when I want to learn something. Fantastic article!

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    Great article!
    I learned new things from it and I think it’ s very helpful!
    Keep on with good work!

  • Frank says:Reply
    September 29, 2016 at 1:08 am

    Great AdWords tips and strategies. I’m using most of these and seen remarkable results. Keep up with your AdWords articles.

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