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    Stuck on Facebook & Twitter? Try These Awesome Choices for Sharing Contents

    So, you have created a high quality content, huh? Right.

    After spending some time to ensure your content conforms to “standards” and that it is keyword-rich, you may be ready to click that shiny Publish button. So you did. And you think your job is done. But no, THIS is just the preface. It is just the beginning of a more intensive job – sharing your content to the world.

    Writing and publishing is no longer the only thing you need to do to attract users to consume your content. The notion that “create it and people will get it” is no longer valid. It is more like “create it, promote it, and people will get it” is the new norm.

    For many bloggers and content creators, sharing contents to Facebook and Twitter is enough. But then they will find that they don’t get enough traction to gather as much traffic as they thought they would. Although Facebook and Twitter give a good amount of audience, you should not rely on just these two. There are a lot of other places out there where you can promote your contents and gain traffic from. I mean a lot. Really.

    To help you with your content promotion, take advantage of these 12 additional choices where you can share your contents on:

    StumbleUpon: Many readers rely on StumbleUpon’s suggestions when it comes to consuming contents. To use this social network, users click the Stumble button to get a new article to consume. It has a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system which largely affects which pages they send to users.

    For content creators, signing up to this network is a must if you want to leverage it. To add your site or page, click on the Submit button, then fill up the required information. You can add tags and label the site as safe for work or not. It’s as easy as that.

    Scoop.it: Many readers go over to Scoop.it to get fresh, exciting, interesting, and even intriguing contents. This is a content-curation network that relies on users for content suggestions