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    Promote Your Wedding Photography Website in 5 Simple Steps

    Based on our past experience, we have seen that more than 50% wedding photographer has their own website but they don’t know the way to promote their website/business online to attract more visitors. Having a business website is one thing and getting leads from that website is entirely different this. SEO for wedding photography website is “Arts” more than “Science” and it takes some time to get your website rank on first page of search result page which PPC for wedding photography website is “Science” more than “Arts” and you can expect quick leads after starting the campaign. Recent we have written a blog post about the advantages of internet marketing for small business owners. According to “Conversion Perk”, a photographer should consider following 5 points to promote their wedding photography website:-

    1. Identify Your Audience

    One of the key factors to promoting your wedding photography website via online marketing strategies is targeting your unique audience. This is important for any type of online marketing and is easier to accomplish for wedding photography than many other professions. You need to know exactly who you want to put your message in front of and who your ideal customer would be. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing your target audience:

    • Do I primarily work in one geographical region or area?
    • Do I primarily do large or small weddings?
    • What other things will my potential clients be searching for online?
    • What age do most people get married?
    • Does the bride or groom typically do the brunt of searching for photographers?
    • What is the lowest budget I can work with?

    By answering these questions and specifying your target audience, you are eliminating the possibility of spending money advertising to promote your wedding photography website to people who do not need or cannot afford your service.

    1. Design a Promotional Offer for Wedding Season

    As a wedding photographer, you should have your finger on the pulse of wedding season, trends and timelines. June through September is most popular for weddings in the United States and 43% of people get engaged between November and January. These dates should heavily influence your online marketing and website promotion strategies.

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