• Google Adwords Update – New & Improved Quality Score Reporting is here!

    Google Adwords Update Alert! Google has recently rolled out much awaited improvement in Adwords dashboard to get deeper insight about keywords quality score. According to a blog post published by Google on May 15th, 2017, now website owners (or advertisers) can see historical data of quality score to analyze whether changes in landing page experience and ad copies have improved the quality score or it has gone against the website owner. Apart from this, Google has also announced that they are rolling out more improvements to quality score reporting in coming week so get ready to see some cool improvements in Adwords dashboard. I’m quite sure that it will make your life easier.

    Many business owners were complaining that the bubble which appears just after keyword is super helpful to see the status (like quality score, search page delivery status etc.) but it becomes difficult to keep a record of quality score fluctuation to see if the quality score is going down day by day. There wasn’t any easier way to maintain the record (except you do it manually). Google has finally added 3 different optional columns to keywords tab for “Expected CTR (Hist.)”, “Landing Page Experience (Hist.)”, “Quality Score (Hist.)” and “Ad Relevance (Hist.)” to display historical CTR, landing page experience, quality score and ad relevancy respectively. Advertisers can now easily add these columns to the dashboard to keep a record of it. You just need to segment the report based on “Day” to see historical quality score day by day. Here is the screenshot of Adwords dashboard after adding all these columns: