• Facebook Lead Generation

    How Do Facebook Ads Help Small Business Owners?

    Let’s face it – nowadays, small business owners find it hard to generate leads online. This is mostly due to the large businesses that established authority and have built credibility over time. However, generating leads for small businesses is not impossible. Actually, it is very possible – the only thing is, you need to find the right way and channel to promote your business in order to get leads.

    Facebook is the pioneer of social media. It is the website with the largest user base. What started as something basic has transformed into a base with billions of people and it literally has endless potential for business owners to use its social platform to promote their product or services.

    If you are wondering why Facebook ads are great for generating leads for small businesses instead of Adwords or similar platforms, keep on reading this well researched article.

    Why Facebook is Better Than Adwords For Small Business Leads

    Most of the business owners prefer Google Adwords to promote their business to get some leads but the fact is, Google can display only 7 “Paid” links on the first page search result but dozens of business owners use to target same keywords for their service and ultimately it ends with endless price war. I know some business owners who are bidding as high as $60 (for insurance, healthcare, transplantation etc related keywords) for 1 click and I always feel that they are just wasting their time and money with Adwords because paying $60 for 1 click is simply the craziest thing that anyone can even do and small business owners can’t survive in such situation.

    Here, the power of lead generation through Facebook ads for small businesses – is according to us, even more powerful. Most of the people search for information on Google – and also use Facebook socially. These are two well-known facts. So, how could Facebook possibly outweigh Google when it comes to lead generation?

    The truth is, on Google – people search for phrases and keywords. These keywords are exactly the ones targeted by the business owners. In other words, if you want to advertise o