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    5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Conversions

    If your site is not generating the desired hits or traffic, signups for email is low and the number of clients being generated is not satisfactory, it is a clear sign of high bounce rate. Visitors who could be converted into customers or clients may leave as a result of high bounce rate and the term bounce off is literally known as the short spans of time spend by the visitors. The visitor also known as the reader, while visiting a web page and leaves without moving to other pages of that same website is linked to terminates the session. It sure is evident that Bounce rate is in inverse proportion to conversion rate.

    Bounce rate is a factor that determines the site’s search performances. Having increased bounce rate would reduce site’s search performances. A smart marketer would therefore pay intent attention at the bounce rate on the landing pages and come up with re-worked strategies on the design aspects of the pages in order to reduce the bounce rate.

    There are many issues which are the possible gaps that the reader or visitor is slipping through and needs to be plugged, that would reduce bounce rate. The important and easily plugged ones are listed here:-

    #1 Content’s Readability factor

    Lack of readability is one of the main reasons for readers leaving the page in a short time span. Some pointers on this aspect:-

    • The content has to be legible and readable.
    • Avoid using large chunks of text, as this creates quite an intimidating effect on the reader.
    • Using bold and underlined heading would draw readers’ immediate attention. A relevant heading would provide a good pointer to the reader of what the page is all about.
    • Using bullet points, like this part has been written, makes for easy reading and grasping the issues being discussed.
    • Try to make the content intuitive, with reader participation in active mode. The content would sure be a sort of story.

    #2 Storytelling to sell the brand

    This point is closely related to the readability feature of the site as brought out in the last point above. It is natural to narrate the story of how the brand came to be and what it is going to be. It is a very natural and common marketing strategy followed by the experts all over the